All Members,
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Hello all,

First off, for those of you that were able to make it to the Annual Meeting last week, thank you for coming out. In my previous Archery League announcements I was in error on the nights of
the week for Brush League. Last year we had made a change and in my memory I was thinking of the previous 10 years.

Spots: Mondays only starting Jan.16, cost $20
Brush: Tuesdays and Wednesday starting Jan 17th, cost $40. Course set up will start at 5:30pm on Tuesday with shooting to follow.  We will still need help on Wednesdays. I have a few people that can help but I would like to fill in dates. Please see below and sign up for a date if you can. I need at
least one per night, 2 would be ok, someone can open and the other close.  I can talk through details with those that sign up. These count towards work hours.

Jan 18:  Brian Headlee, Tyler Stevens
Jan 25: Tyler Stevens
Feb 1:
Feb 8:
Feb 15:
Feb 22:
Mar 1:
Mar 8:
Mar 15:
Mar 22:

Brian Headlee



Brush League is Wednesday or Thursday nights starting at 5:30pm. League fee is $40, must be a member. Set up on Tuesday nights. Dates are January 17th – March 22nd.

Spot league is on Mondays at 5:30pm, fee is $20, must be a member. Dates are January 16th through March 20th.

If you can help out by working the clubhouse on league nights please let Brian Headlee know soon as soon as possible. tenspot17@hotmail.com

Please see our calendar for more upcoming events.