It is that time of year again that leagues are starting up. There is also a meeting tonight at 7pm, please feel free to come out and sit in. A few reminders and housekeeping items:

As we get back in summer form, remember the Club is a family place and meant to be a safe fun place for people to come and shoot. Treat the property and your fellow members respectfully.  Please keep the speed down on the driveway, archery league runs along both sides of the driveway in teh woods and people have to use the driveway to get from target to target.

School age trap: This league has started and is using the trap ranges every Monday night through July 4th. The rifle range is closed every Monday from 3pm til 9pm for this. The archery and pistol ranges are open.

Summer Archery: League consist of 4 person teams and shooting starts May 2. If you do not have 4 people for a team we can help place you on a team.  Scores may be shot on the walk through course any time between Tuesday afternoon and Sunday morning with scorecards left in the mailbox by the archery practice range. League cost will be $30 per shooter with no team fee. Kids under 18 and under will shoot free. Shootoffs will be August 6th following a public 3d Tourney on Aug 5th. There is also a public 3d Tourney June 25th.  All non-archery ranges are closed Tuesday  5pm – 9pm as this is the primary league night.

Club Trap League: League shooting will start April 27th, with an organizational night on April 20th. Teams consist of 5-8 shooters and is classic 16yd Trap. Team fees are $20 per team with a cost of $4 per round  adults and $2 per round youth.  The rifle range is closed every Thursday from 5pm til 9pm for this. The archery and pistol ranges are open.

We are also seeking a volunteer Archery League Chairperson than can help coordinate archery events and needs, and regularly attend board meetings. If you are interested in this please let me know, thank you.

Work hour opportunities!!! Soon we will publish a list of items that need upkeep or general work. these will be things you can do at your leisure and will help out the club. We will publish them via email. Also, something that need done regularly now forward for the summer is mowing.If you can help mow, please let me know and I will get you set up with access to the mowers.  When we mow the trap ranges, we also need to be mowing the mound system.

On a side note about mowing this year, we will be treating the rifle range differently than in the past. Historically we have mowed the whole range front to back, berm to berm, we are changing in the interest of noise abatement.  It is a proven fact the taller the grass the more it stops sound from traveling. When mowing the rifle range now we want to mow a single deck width path along each side coming together at the 100yd bunker. From there 1 path down and back to the 200yd, 1 deck wide. 

See you at the range,
Brian Headlee

Please see our calendar for more upcoming events.