Rifle & Handguns

Rim Fire Range: The Rim Fire Range is located just inside the front gate on the west side of the driveway.  You may park along the driveway or the east side of the driveway across from the range.  All handguns, rim fire rifles and muzzleloaders may be used on this range. 

Trap Range: We have two 5 person trap ranges.  These ranges are located on each side of the club house.  The trap ranges have automatic throwers and have night time lighting. Individuals wanting to shoot trap may do so with personal clay throwers at anytime.  Shotguns are the only authorized firearms for this range.  Steel or lead shot may be used.  Slugs are prohibited.

Rifle Range: The rifle range is located on the south edge of the club land and is accessed by following the driveway around the trap ranges.  The rifle range has target backers at 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards.  The rifle range is designed for center fire rifles only.