The Willow River Rod and Gun Club several features and amenities you should be aware of.  The club is open to all members in good standing nearly every day of the year.  Members abide by an honor system that includes treating the property and other club members with respect by observing safe practices.  Here is a list of club features and amenities and instructions for each.

Front Gate:  The Willow River Rod and Gun Club is a private club.  Our goal is to maintain our private status and to do so we ask that members in good standing keep the gate combination confidential.  We also ask that members needing to handle the gate lock, roll the numbers after they are finished so the gate combination is not displayed to anyone else.  It is optional to shut the gate when you enter the club.  We do ask if you are the last one to leave or may be the last one to leave that you shut and lock the gate.  Individuals who have purposely damaged the gate or the lock will be liable for damages.  If you find the gate broken or the lock broken or missing, please call the club number at (715) 246-4884.  The voice mail will direct you to the Membership Director who will correct the problem.

The Willow River Rod and Gun Club has a club house located centrally on club property.  The club house contains the indoor archery range and serves as the meeting place for leagues, board meetings, and events.  Food and beverages can be purchased at the club house.

The Rim Fire Range is located just inside the front gate on the west side of the driveway.  You may park along the driveway or the east side of the driveway across from the range.  All handguns, rim fire rifles and muzzleloaders may be used on this range. 

The trap ranges are located on each side of the club house.  The trap ranges do have automatic throwers that are used for leagues.  Individuals wanting to shoot trap may do so with personal clay throwers at anytime.  Shotguns are the only authorized firearms for this range.  Steel or lead shot may be used.  Slugs are prohibited.

The rifle range is located on the south edge of the club land and is accessed by following the driveway around the trap ranges.  The rifle range has target backers at 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards.  The rifle range is designed for center fire rifles only.

The archery range is located across the parking lot from the club house.  This range has targets at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards.  Broadheads may not be used on this range.  You may set up your own ground target on this range as long as shoot from the range firing line.

The 3-D archery range is generally used for 3-D tournaments.  The course is open during throughout the warm months for practice on bale targets.  The start of the course is located just past the firing line for the outdoor archery range.  The course is has a trail system and ends near the front gate.

The club house contains an indoor archery range generally used for league shooting.  Shooters may only use practice tips and club target backers on this range.

There is a small play area located on the west side of the club house.  Children are welcome to play on the equipment provided at their own risk. Parents need to be responsible for their children, keeping in mind, this play equipment is near 3 club ranges.