The Willow River Rod and Gun Club tries to incorporate several different ways of communicating with the members.  Club communication may include newsletters, range postings, league schedules, and updates, events, and work projects.  The Club wants every member to be informed.  You will receive club communication in several ways.

Email is a very cost effective mode of communication for the club, but is completely ineffective if our address information is invalid. If you have requested email communication and have not received a email from the club about something within 30 days of the initiation of your membership contact the club membership director to confirm our records are accurate.  Members e-mail addresses that are undeliverable through the club server will be checked for accuracy.

The Willow River Gun Club displays both public and membership information on our website.  Our web address is  Our web site contains areas that include our club history, schedules for various leagues, alliance information and links, membership applications, and general information.

Of course, no mode of communication of fool proof.  The phone is still a highly effective tool and we want you to know that club leaders are accessible.  Sending us a email or calling the Membership Director are the are the best ways to contact the club.

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