Trap Ranges

2017 Trap Team Standings – Final

2017 Summer Trap Individual Results – Final


WRR&G Trap League for 2018 will begin late April and run to early September.

Please see our calendar for many other events.

(The following is subject to change for 2018)

The format is identical to years past starting at 5:30 P.M as well as cost of $20 fee per team.

Trap League Guidelines 2016

Purchase a ticket for each round of Trap. Adult tickets (red) are $4, and Youth tickets (blue) are $2.  Adult punch cards are available at $40 for 11 rounds of Trap.  Have your card punched in exchange for a ticket.

  1. Sign-Up on score sheets to shoot. Each score sheet should be labeled with date, round number, and upper or lower range.  Five shooters per score sheet.  Do not sign-up for upper and lower ranges at the same time.
  2. Rounds will be shot in order, even if the score sheet is not full.
  3. Present your ticket to the scorekeeper when your group is called to shoot.
  4. Lead Shooter is responsible for making sure everyone is ready before starting the round, and after changing stations. Please communicate with scorer.
  5. Only one round of ammunition is allow in your firearm during shooting. Keep the action of your firearm open until it is your turn to shoot.
  6. Always treat your firearm as if it is loaded. Keep muzzle directed down range when on the line, and properly directed with moving your weapon.
  7. When shooting with voice activation, do not talk while on the line since this can cause a bird to be released prematurely.
  8. Pick up your empty shotshell hulls after the round is completed.
  9. Shooters using semi-automatic shotguns should make sure that your firearm does not eject empties towards fellow shooters.  A rubber band works well for this.  Some are available in clubhouse.
  10. Always consider personal safety by wearing eye and ear protection.
  11. As a courtesy to others, always be ready when it is your turn to shoot as a group and individually.
  12. Counter service ends promptly at 9:30PM and Clubhouse will be locked by 10:00PM each night of league.  League representative will close the gate upon departing.

For additional information contact Joel Dekoch at